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Written by What's the Word, Inc.
on February 04, 2018


Traditional marketing methods don't work. And though new strategies yield great results over time, inbound marketing can take a while to build momentum. 

So what do you do if you need to boost enrollment for your school right now? 

You have to find a solution right in the middle. 

Once you've developed a strong digital marketing strategy, pay per click (PPC) advertising can help you grow your audience - and your student roster - more quickly. 

What is PPC?

PPC advertising is an indispensable digital marketing tool. Your PPC ads improve upon traditional advertising in two ways. 

First, as the name suggests, you only incur cost for the ad if viewers click on it. You can imagine how friendly this concept is toward your budget. 

Second, you can target and optimize PPC ads to reach your intended audience as they view similar or related information. Traditional advertisements are disruptive and presented to anyone using the advertising medium. For instance, if you purchase airtime for a radio commercial, the only thing you have control over is what station listeners are tuned in to. Your audience could be comprised of anyone. And you'll be expected to pay for all of them whether or not anyone takes action.

PPC ads can be split into two camps: search engine advertising and social media advertising. 

Your search engine ads are those found on the results page of any search engine - Google, Bing, etc. Though they are presented in response to search queries, they are identified as paid advertising to distinguish them from organic search results. 

Social media ads, like those you'll find on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc., can be highly targeted by demographics. Targeting is quite different on each platform, as should be the content of your ads. 

PPC Optimization (search engine advertising)

The most effective search engine ads are those that have been meticulously optimized to suit the search engine in whose results it will appear. 

In order to generate great search engine results, you'll need to know how to present your information the way your viewers search for it. That means knowledge of the most meaningful short-tail and long-tail keywords and phrases.

The SEO research you've conducted for the rest of your digital marketing campaign will be a great resource as you develop your PPC strategy.

PPC Targeting (social media advertising)

Social media ads can be incredibly valuable. The key here is understanding your target audience. This is where your buyer persona research comes in. The more you know about your target audince, how they will relate to the content you've created, and how they interact with the social media platform you've chosen, the more successful your PPC ad campaign will be. 

Regardless of what type of PPC platform you choose, the success of your PPC strategy will be dependent upon the strength of your overall digital marketing strategy. Remember, your ads are meant to drive traffic to the helpful, relevant content your prospective students crave more quickly than organic traffic alone. 

Your ads will be more successful if they promise quality content, and then deliver on that promise immediately. It is the quality and relevance of your content, not your ads, that will nurture tentative prospects into proud students. 

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