The Best SEO Strategies for Schools

02/08/ 2018

In most cases, your website will be your only shot at making a first impression on your prospective students and families. Viewers believe the quality of your website directly represents the quality of your school. 

A messy website goes over with visitors as well as a dirty bathroom. It tells visitors you don't care about your image, or what they think of you.

A well designed website doesn't just impress your prospects, it also helps them find you.

Internet users want the greatest value possible from their searches, and search engines want to deliver. The latest search algorithms are designed to mimic the user experience to ensure the most relevant results. Which means your SEO strategy must go beyond simple keyword stuffing. Your SEO strategy must serve the user experience first. 

In order to win at SEO, you need to get it right every single time. You have to have  a strong foundation upon which to build a tight web. 

How do you do it?

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Digital Marketing: What It Is and How to Use It for Education

02/08/ 2018

It’s the year 2018. You’ve been trying to boost your enrollment, improve retention, or increase your donor pool for ages. You’ve invested untold sums into marketing – you rent billboards, run expensive call campaigns, and post diligently to your Facebook page. Nothing seems to work.

What are you doing wrong?

Chances are you just need a little more information to get your next marketing campaign off the ground. Understanding digital marketing – what it means and how to use it effectively – is an imperative first step.

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Boost Enrollment with PPC Ads for Your School

02/04/ 2018

 Traditional marketing methods don't work. And though new strategies yield great results over time, inbound marketing can take a while to build momentum. 

So what do you do if you need to boost enrollment for your school right now? 

You have to find a solution right in the middle. 

Once you've developed a strong digital marketing strategy, pay per click (PPC) advertising can help you grow your audience - and your student roster - more quickly. 

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How to Market Your School for Growth in the Digital Age

02/01/ 2018

Keywords: Digital Marketing, School Marketing, Enrollment Growth

The alarm is sounding across the board. Charter schools are fighting tooth and nail for every new student. College enrollment is dropping steadily, and private school enrollment rates have taken a nosedive off the high board. While some schools are thriving despite this painful truth, others are struggling to keep their doors open. 

Many have reached out to ask: what's the difference between a thriving school and a failing school in this difficult enrollment climate? Is it school choice? A rich history? Updated facilities?

In many cases, the answer is actually much simpler. 

If you've done everything you can think of, but still can't boost enrollment and grow your student roster, you may simply be presenting yourself wrong. 

The way prospective students and families research, discover, and compare their education options has changed significantly over the last 20 years. To be effective, the basis for any growth strategy must be digital. 

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How to Boost Enrollment With Your Blog

09/11/ 2017

Are you happy with your enrollment numbers?

I ask that question a lot. Sadly, the answer is all to often no. 

Why are so many private schools, colleges, and universities settling for inadequate enrollment numbers? 

"We just don't know what to do!"

Blogging isn't exactly an industry secret. Yet few schools are putting the practice to use and even fewer are doing it effectively. 

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5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Blog But Probably Aren't

08/21/ 2017

Blogging is one of the most important components of an effective digital marketing campaign. It's your first line resource for link building, educating and engaging your ideal prospects, and developing your SEO strategy. Your blog is an invaluable tool. 

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7 Reasons to Hire an Industry Specific Marketing Agency For Your School

08/17/ 2017

Marketing in education is unlike any other industry. You endure the basic pressures of any other business, of course. However, as an education institution, you aren't just asking someone to buy your product, which they can return if they don't like. You're asking parents to trust you with their children's future. You're asking youth to buy in to your methods and purpose. You're asking families, faculty, and staff to come together around your institution and form a community. 

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5 Mindset Imperatives for Marketing Your College or University to Gen Z

07/17/ 2017

Over the years, Millennials have been the hot topic in marketing. As a matter of fact, we marketers have spent so much time micro-analyzing Millennials' behavior that we seem to have forgotten that while Millennials have become the dominant population of parents, another wave of youth has come to the cusp of adulthood. As a college or university, that means they're at your door. 

This article contains five mindset imperatives to help you successfully market your institution to Gen Z. 

Before you get started, be sure you firmly believe this foundational fact: 

Traditional marketing and advertising methods will not work on Gen Z.


Who Is Gen Z?

Gen Z is the generic stand-in name for the Millennials' baby siblings, children born from around 1996 to present. A defining social distinction that researchers feel is particularly important to note is that your Gen Z doesn't remember September 11, 2001.

A defining social distinction I think is particularly important is that Gen Z has all the traits of their older siblings, the Millennials, but in full force. Where Millennials saw the beginning of the tech revolution and dealt with annoyances like satellite shortages and dial-up internet, Gen Z grew up with WiFi on demand. They excel at and expect online relationships on multiple platforms with the institutions they deal with. It's part of their collective identity.

While Millennials have developed under the onslaught of relentless attacks on their social value rained down from parent generations, Gen Z has developed largely overlooked in their shadow. Thusly, they're coming of age with their self-esteem intact. This, coupled with the fact that they've learned to exist within a vast spectrum of social norms, means they're going to be difficult to segment and selective with their time. They know how important their attention is, and they won't be bullied into giving it without something in return. 

It's one of the things I love about them. 

One more very important demographic point: in the vein of self-worth, Gen Z owns their space like no previous generation. We can't count on celebrity influence to drive behavior anymore. Remember the Pepsi ad fiasco? The moral of the story there is it's no longer up to marketers to tell youth who to follow. They tell you. 

And despite what it may look like from the outside, Gen Z are avid movers, dedicated to social progress. They don't take slights against their values lightly. 

OK, now that we've set the stage a little bit, let's explore the main topic of this post. Following are the five mindset imperatives for marketing your college or university to Gen Z. 

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How to Market Your Private School to Millennial Parents

07/10/ 2017

As a marketer, you've likely heard whispers all around you for the last few years. "Our ads aren't working on them," they said. "These kids are like nothing we've ever dealt with," you've heard. 

Until recently only whispers on the fringes of your niche have brushed your awareness. But now, as Millennials are coming of age and starting families, the whispers of marketers in other industries have become your moans. You've discovered for yourself that marketing to Millennials is like nothing the history of advertising has ever seen. 

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How to Make Your School Marketing Campaign More Effective

07/04/ 2017

Read The Ultimate Guide to Modern Marketing StrategySo, there’s this gal I know – let’s call her Marketing Melody – and she’s in a bit of a funk. She’s been in marketing for decades now, a career path she took up shortly after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She’d wanted to be a journalist, but those early years of investigating, analyzing, and creating in her first job as a marketing assistant inspired her to go on to earn a master’s in mass communications. Now she’s the marketing director at a small private college with an excellent reputation for student success. She loves her job.

Still, things have gotten harder for her over the last five years or so. Retention at her school is high, but she’s having a hard time driving enrollment. The old techniques aren’t working. As a mater of fact, the recent meet-and-greet picnic that’s always been a huge hit in the early summer hit record low attendance this year, despite sending out hundreds of promotional postcards and emails.

The picnic was only the latest in a years long trend downward, and Melody knows the board is beginning to notice. Though no one has said anything, Melody is aware of the tension around her office. She knows that if she doesn’t start producing better number soon, she could lose her job.

Fortunately, Melody is willing to try something new. She knows she has to come up with a new strategy, and be able to prove that her new strategy is working at each stage of the recruiting funnel. And if she does, she’ll not only save her job, she’ll save her school.

Sound familiar? If you’re in Melody’s predicament, take heart! The strategy you need to succeed as a marketer in the digital age and save your school and your job already exists. It’s called inbound marketing, and it works like this.

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